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Rome museums to open study rooms for students

New study spaces to open in Rome museums and libraries.

Rome is to create a network of study rooms in its municipal museums and libraries as part of an initiative aimed at providing students with public spaces for studying.

The city's culture councillor Miguel Gotor, who proposed the measure, said it is designed to meet the needs of the hundreds of thousands of students living in the capital.

The study rooms will be managed by the municipal public library network and will comprise spaces made available from the city as well as third parties.

Mayor Roberto Gualtieri said the move was part of making Rome a "cutting-edge city for young people" and was aimed in particular at "the tens of thousands of off-campus students forced to study in cramped rooms due to high rents."

The initiative will run in parallel to services already provided by city libraries, with longer opening hours and open on holidays, in both the centre and the suburbs.

In addition to libraries, the study spaces will be housed in Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the Pelanda at the Mattatoio, MACRO, Palazzo Braschi, Casina Salvi al Celio and the Torre dei Conti.

Full information about the network of study rooms will be listed on a website being launched in 2024. For more details about the project see the city website.

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