City underground authority Met.Ro is to install 45 antiterrorism cameras on board carriages of the metro A line in October. The new security measure is aimed at helping to prevent possible terrorist attacks on the citys metro system as well as to increase general security for passengers. There are currently 1,200 cameras in the metro system (680 on line A and 520 on line B) providing surveillance of stations, offices, service entrances and ventilation ducts, but this is the first time cameras will be installed on trains. Footage from all security cameras is relayed to 235 monitors, present in every station and controlled by operators in contact with a central bureau in Termini, police and the fire service. In addition, 15 stations are equipped with intelligent software, which alerts operators to suspicious situations such as abandoned luggage or people loitering near tunnels for longer than two minutes the latter of which has proved useful in suicide prevention.