The bicycle is the most modern way of getting around because its quicker than a car about town and doesnt pollute. You can also see where youre going and stop and greet other people, said Romes mayor, Walter Veltroni, in a speech to children from the Alberto Manzi primary school and Val di Lanzi middle school. For outside the gates a new cycle route the first to pass in front of a school has just been unveiled. Running 4 km through Rome from Ponte Nomentano to the Riserva dellAniene to Villa Ada, the new path also takes in Villa Borghese by means of an existing route along Via Panama. This leads on to Ponte Risorgimento and the Tevere tow-path (cyclable up to the Roma sud junction). By March 2006, a further cycle route along Viale Tiziano will offer another way of getting from Villa Ada to Villa Borghese. Romes cycle network is taking shape, declared environment councillor Dario Esposito, and children can now get to their lessons by bike.