Italians go to the polls on Sunday 3 April and Monday 4 April to elect 14 regional governments, two provincial governments and 367 city and town councils, of which nine are provincial capitals. In total, more than 41 million citizens will be eligible to vote.

Polling booths open on Sunday 3 April from 08.00-22.00 and on Monday 4 April from 07.00-15.00. Those wishing to vote must present a valid personal document and their electoral card at the polling booth, the address of which is specified on each electoral card.

Electoral cards are distributed automatically to the home address of all Italian citizens. Foreign European Union residents may have the right to vote in some local elections but the first time they vote they must register at the electoral office where they have their residency. They will then receive their voting card.

European Union voters should look at the back of their electoral cards to see in which elections they have the right to a ballot.