Trenitalia is charging 2 for rail journeys in the Rome area which cost only 1 if you buy a BIT (biglietto integrato a tempo) ticket from a bar, a report in Il Messaggero has revealed. The reason for the double fare is that the transport company has divided Rome into two rings. The first is a smaller, inner ring that has as rough boundaries Nuovo Salario and Balduina to the north, La Rustica to the east, Ostiense to the south and Aurelia to thewest. A larger, outer ring extends to Cesano to the north, Bagni di Tivoli to the east, Pomezia to the south and Torre in Pietra Palidoro to the west. If a passenger wishing to travel between the inner and outer rings even if only between two stops (such as Balduina and Gemelli) buys a ticket at a station, the cost of the ticket is 2. However, passengers with a BIT ticket are able to travel on railway lines within both circles for their 1. Trenitalia has responded that the 2 tickets were valid for 120 minutes, as opposed to the 75 minutes of traveling time passengers have with the 1 BIT. However, most journeys from the outer to the inner rings are unlikely to exceed 75 minutes, and moreover with the BIT ticket passengers can also use the metro without paying extra. BIT tickets are not available at stations and must be bought from bars and tobacconists. For more information, see