City transport authority Atac has launched a new service that enables drivers to pay for parking between blue lines via text message, internet or phone in addition to the usual parking metres and scratch cards. Drivers wanting to use the service need to register a credit card or their bank details on the Atac website, and will be sent a statement each month detailing the fares paid. There are two profiles to choose from a basic tariff, which works with a single car (identified by its number plate) linked to one or more mobile phone numbers, and an advanced tariff, which allows multiple cars linked to one or more mobile phone numbers. The advanced tariff has been designed for families with more than one car and for businesses. Traffic wardens will be able to check whether a parking fare has been paid using new hand-held computers linked to a central system. Drivers can also receive text messages alerting them when the parking time they have paid for is running out. For more information tel. Atac 800431784 / 0657118333 or see