Romes fraternity of skateboarders and roller-bladers will soon be able to grind, flip and olly to their hearts content. When complete the new Skatepark-Flaminio-Roma will be the largest of its kind in Europe featuring a 1,700 sqm Street area replete with curbs, bollards and handrails, a 1,400 sqm Bowl area with multi-shaped Californian-style pools and basins, and a 1,800 sqm Playground area with its own basketball courts, refreshments and first aid centre. The chosen site is close to the Corso di Francia viaduct a gigantic white road bridge that crosses the Tiber in the Flaminio district. The city has already allocated 500,000 to develop the site, and the plans for the Skatepark have been drawn up by a group of students from Roma Tre Universitys faculty of architecture. With a total budget of 1 million, the project is designed to encourage enthusiasts to use the designated areas and, therefore, reduce damage to the citys historic monuments and public infrastructure caused by traditional street skating. Although work is underway, the project is unlikely to be complete before 2007.