In an effort to curb tourist coaches laying siege to Romes historic centre, deputy mayor Mariapia Garavaglia has announced new parking rules to apply as of January 2006. Extending the rules in force for Jubilee 2000, the new plan will now concern seven (as well as twelve) metre coaches, the majority of vehicles on the roads. Parking charges will rise for these vehicles, but so too will the number of short term parking bays where coaches can pick up and drop off passengers. At present, new stops are planned for the Lungotevere Marzio and Tebaldi areas of the capital. In terms of enforcement, instead of relying on parking fines a poor deterrent at a maximum of 60 Ms Garavaglia will increase the price for entering the ZTL (limited traffic zone) from its current level of 67 per half day (to an as yet undetermined amount) and give price incentives through pre-pay subscription schemes. This will not only reduce administration costs but also ensure higher revenues.