National public transport strike

Commuters across Italy will be affected by a nationwide 24-hour public transport strike on Friday 22 March.

The capital's bus, tram, metro and light-railway services Roma-Lido, Termini-Giardinetti and Roma-Viterbo will be guaranteed however from the start of service until 08.30, and from 17.00-20.00. In addition Rome's night bus services are at risk on the night between Thursday 21 and Friday 22 March.

Flight attendants from national airline Alitalia are also staging a four-hour strike on 22 March from midday until 16.00. The trade unions say the latest decision follows the "fruitless" results of talks with management to resolve Alitalia’s subcontracting of flights to other companies and the "partial and incomplete application" of agreements regarding hiring and personnel training. A 24-hour strike by Alitalia pilots, previously scheduled for the same day, has been postponed to 18 April.

Meanwhile on Monday 25 March train drivers from Trenitalia will be engaging in an eight-hour strike from 09.00 until 17.00.