The local elections for 1267 town and city councils, 8 provincial governments and 1 regional government will take place in Italy on Sunday 28 May and Monday 29 May. Electioneering stops at midnight on Friday 26 May and the two main candidates for mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni and Gianni Alemanno are closing their campaigns with different events organised all over the city, from meetings and speeches to comedy performances and concerts.

The Rome city council is offering free transport to the polling booths for Roman residents who have mobility problems. The service, which will be available 08.00-22.00 on Sunday 28 May and 07.00-15.00 on 29 May, can be requested by telephoning to 0667692540 or 0667692541. Those using this service should present a medical certificate and a certificate from the local health authority when getting into the vehicle.

It is still not too late to register to vote as eligible non-Italian voters can ring the city electoral office to register and then vote directly at the offices in Via dei Cerchi 6. This latter kind of vote is known as voto con la legge 40. For more information tel. 0667102957, Mon-Thurs 08.30-16.30, Fri 08.30-13.30.