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Rome residents join blitz to clean up the city

Roma cura Roma aims to clean up Rome thanks to volunteers with civic spirit.

Rome residents join forces with around 400 associations and clubs to help the municipal rubbish collection agency AMA Roma clean up the city on Saturday 9 April.

The Roma cura Roma (Rome takes care of Rome) initiative will see teams of people tackle 475 clean-up projects in streets, squares and green areas across the capital.

Participants in the blitz include the football clubs AS Roma and SS Lazio, alongside Retake Roma, schools, charities, environmental groups and dozens of neighbourhood committees.

AMA will provide the volunteers with brooms, bags and gloves and will remove the trash that is collected over the course of the day.

Among those rolling up their sleeves on Saturday will be the city's mayor Roberto Gualtieri who has made cleaning up the city a priority since his election last October.

Hailing the event's "extraordinary" uptake, Gualtieri said it proved the "great desire to 'reclaim' the streets, squares and parks of the districts in which we live."

The initiative, co-ordinated by the city, was originally due to be held last Saturday but was rescheduled due to bad weather.

For full details see Roma Capitale website. Photo Leggo.

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