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Ambrit  1920 x 116
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If you need it, take it: Romans help each other in crisis

Romans leave bags of food out for those in need during lockdown.

There are growing reports of people in Rome leaving out free bags of food to be collected by fellow Romans in need, as Italy enters the fourth week of lockdown due to the Coronavirus emergency.

The nationwide quarantine has led to the temporary closure of businesses and loss of work, leaving many people under severe financial pressure.

In recent days around 30 packets of pasta were left on a wall in Piazza dell'Alberone, along Via Appia Nuova, with a note in Italian that read: "If you need it, take it. Forza Italia."

Other anonymous acts of kindness and charity around Rome have been highlighted on social media, with Italian newspaper La Repubblica reporting similar gestures in the capital.

Marina Granata, the Roman owner of Briciole di Tradizione on Via Carlo Caneva in the Tiburtina area, has hung bags of bread and pizza outside her premises for the most needy.

She told La Repubblica that she does it at closing time "because in this way those who pass by don't have the embarrassment of being seen: some people are embarrassed."

More solidarity with those in need comes from Mondo Frutta, the grocery store on Via Trionfale 14029, reports La Repubblica. Bags of fruit and vegetables are placed at the shop's entrance, free to those who cannot afford them during these difficult times.

Photo La Repubblica

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