Rome: Morricone music performed over empty Piazza Navona

Rome's most beautiful piazza filled with the music of Morricone.

Rome is in lockdown due to the Coronavirus crisis and Romans have increasingly looked to music to provide solace in these troubled times.

Last weekend, immediately after the ringing of the church bells, a deserted Piazza Navona was filled with the searing notes of Ennio Morricone's soundtrack to Sergio Leone's classic 1984 movie Once Upon A Time in America.

Against the backdrop of Roman rooftops in the evening sun, young musician Jacopo Mastrangelo played a rock version of the melody on electric guitar, accompanied by an Italian tricolour, in a hauntingly beautiful rendition that resounded through the empty piazza.

Speaking afterwards of his performance - which moved many Romans to tears - Mastrangelo told Italian newspaper La Repubblica: "I found that an empty piazza is more scary than a full piazza." 

Video/Facebook/Fabio e Jacopo Mastrangelo