Coronavirus: Rome taxis make free home deliveries to the elderly

Rome mayor: "Incredible gesture of solidarity"

Rome's elderly residents will soon be able to avail of a new service which will see Roman taxi drivers make home deliveries of food and medicine, free of charge.

The "Taxi Amico" scheme, which takes effect from 23 March, has been hailed by Rome's mayor Viriginia Raggi as an "incredible gesture of solidarity".

The Prontotaxi 066645 service is designed specifically for the elderly who are unable or afraid to leave their homes during the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The initiative, which comes after other Roman taxi drivers offered their services for free to doctors treating Covid-19 patients at Rome's Spallazani hospital, follows a similar project launched by Milan taxi drivers.

On 19 March Italy's death toll from the Coronavirus pandemic reached 3,405, a number which surpasses the 3,245 fatalities recorded in China.

Photo La Repubblica