Romes taxi drivers and city authorities have agreed on a set fare between the capital and its two airports that will come into force on 1 October. The cost of a trip between the historic centre and Fiumicino airport will be 40, and between the historic centre and Ciampino airport 30.

The decision was reached as part of an accord agreed between the two parties following weeks of strike action in July after the government announced plans to liberalise the issuing of taxi licences in order to improve the service. From 15 September, city authorities in Rome and drivers have agreed to increase shifts from 7.5 hours to 8 hours and to allow relatives or employees of drivers to also drive cabs. Taxi drivers have consented to ensuring there will be 2,500 more taxis in circulation during periods of heavy seasonal demand 1,000 in the morning, 1,000 in the afternoon and 500 in the evening. The fleet for Termini Station will also be increased, with 100 more taxis available in the morning and a further 100 in the afternoon.

The current accord will hold for six months, after which the two parties will reconvene to discuss the changes.