Extras Needed for a Commercial on Sept 17th

Eating Italy, a local culinary tour company, is looking for some good spirited, smiley, people to star in a video commercial. The shoot will consist of visiting 5-6 different gourmet food venues to sample some of their food along with wine and/or craft beer, while posing as if you are a tourist on holiday.

For participating, you will be treated to truly excellent food at each of the venues, and will be given a nice bottle of wine from one of our favorite enoteche to take home with you. Plus it will be a fun few hours eating, drinking and being merry.

There are three 5- hour shoots and we are looking for about five/six different people for each of them. The shooting schedule is Monday 17 / 9 @ 3:30-8:30pm, Tues 18/9 @ 9:30-2:30pm, Weds 19/9 @10:30-2:30pm

In terms of appearance we are looking to showcase a range of different ages from 26-76 years old.

If you are interested email us with your availability, where you are from, your age and your favorite wine :)

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Address Via Amerigo Vespucci 16/2

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Extras Needed for a Commercial on Sept 17th

Via Amerigo Vespucci 16/2