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Restaurants in Jewish Ghetto neighbourhood

Closed as of 2018. Traditional Jewish fare, mixed with local Roman cuisine, served fast food-style. The most popular dish at this busy diner in the Jewish Ghetto is the shawarma kebab but the menu also includes favou...
Elegant Asian restaurant beside Largo Argentina offering cuisine from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Vietnam. Kuriya prides itself on its fresh produce, particularly the fish, and there is nothing frozen on its me...
Marymount - International School Rome
This large, busy restaurant is located in the Jewish Ghetto, just a stone's throw from the majestic Portico d'Ottavia monument. Il Giardino Romano serves traditional Roman and Jewish fare, including dishes associated...
In the heart of ancient Rome, near Portico d'Ottavia is one of the most charming trattorie in Rome. At Giggetto’s you can enjoy the specialties of authentic Roman and Jewish cuisine - but they come at a price.
Located in a quiet street just off Largo Argentina Benito is always full at lunchtime but the service is quick so you never have to wait long. There are many typical Roman dishes, such as bucatini all’amatriciana,...
Well-established restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto serving Jewish Roman cuisine as well as Mediterranean–Middle Eastern Jewish fare. All dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes, and the meat is strictly kosher...
The terrace is so small at this ivy-clad restaurant in a tiny but beautiful square, hidden away down an alley a few minutes from Piazza Venezia, that booking is essential.  Mon closed.
This is one place where the food, scenery and atmosphere are all on par. Sparkling white linen and candlelight in one of the Ghetto’s charming squares make this a choice for romantic dinners and special occasion...
Marymount - International School Rome