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Rome International Schools in Camilluccia neighbourhood

International Schools in Rome 

The Italian education system is free, and mandatory from ages 6 to 16.  High school lasts five years, with most students attending university at 19.  The Italian system differs from the English system in that schools tend to be more focused on a traditional, teacher- led method, whereas schools in the U.S. and the UK tend to use more varied, interactive methods. 

There are also differences in subject matter: while the UK’s focus is on core subjects like Math, Science and English, Italy puts a greater emphasis on History, Geography and Art.  Italian schools are, in fact, required to teach English, although it is usually not taught by a native speaker and most students of public schools don’t speak it with proficiency. 

That being said, people come from all over the world to study in Italy, especially to gain perspective through a different cultural lens.  After all, Italy has the oldest universities in the Western world. 

Rome is home to many alternative education systems, including French, Spanish, and British, with schools for all ages and academic levels.

Choosing a school in Rome

When you begin looking for schools for your child, whether you are already living in Rome or planning to relocate, one of the first decisions to make is whether to go the expat route and attend one of the city’s many international schools. 

Rome offers quite a few options in this regard, and it can be a bit of a hunt to figure out which will be the best fit for your family.  The application process for Rome’s private schools is less competitive than other major cities, but it is still possible to run into waitlists. 

Most of the international schools in Rome organize tours and information sessions.  The tuition fees vary widely depending on the structure and curriculum of the school.

Special education needs in Rome

In the public school system in Italy, there is an assessment process for providing individualized programs and support for special needs students that is based on inclusivity.

Generally speaking, international and private schools in Rome consider children with special needs on an individual basis.  St. Stephen’s school, located near Circo Massimo, has established a program to support learners with specialist teachers and there are others as well, but a few of the private institutions in Rome might be a little less welcoming. 

Here is a listing of the main International Schools in Rome.

The New School offers the English national curriculum from nursery to Year 13 and is an official centre for GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A-level examinations. The school strives to create a challenging and stimulating environment...
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