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AUR Summer 24 1920 x116
AUR Summer 24 1920 x116
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American born and trained dental hygienist for routine cleanings, calculus/tartar/plaque removal, polishing to remove stains (coffee, tea, tobacco), treatment of periodontal disease and advice for good oral health. She p...
The school is in the north-west of Rome. Facilities include 13 classrooms, two cafeterias, science room, library, computer room, gymnasium, theatre and play area with volleyball and basketball courts. Early Childhood h...
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This Olympic-sized outdoor pool-with-a-view is the crème de la crème of Rome’s pools if you like serious swimming. It’s large, luxurious and well worth the trip to Monte Mario. With a separate children’s pool. 09.0...
This association specialises in historical and archaeological tours in Rome for Italians and foreigners. It offers a programme for children including a special visit to the exhibition on gladiators at the Colosseum, whic...
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