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Drinks in Aventino and San Saba neighbourhood

Hidden away in the corner of Piazza Bernini in the heart of the S. Saba district, it is unlikely that you would stumble upon this venue by chance. Chilled-out music combined with little passing traffic makes Saba Caffè C...
There's a lovely park "Cafè du park" in the other direction from the Pyramid, in which this retro-looking cafe sits for an ice-cream, a "cremolato" or a drink. The British poets Keats and Shelly are buried in the...
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Located near Circo Massimo, Yellow Bar is a relaxing place to grab a drink with friends. If booked in advance, Yellow Bar will also host special celebrations such as birthdays, retirements and farewell parties, helping t...
Closed as of 2015. Good location, excellent drinks and food. Papageno Caffè has just opened and promises to be the solution for many desperate residents in the Aventino - San Saba area, and not only. Right on the corner...
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