Giovanni Allevi in Rome

28 Feb.

Clever marketing and strategic media planning have shot Giovanni Allevi into international fame, defined him as the “Italian genius of piano,” and appointed him as international spokesperson for Italian creativity. All this publicity has also placed him in the eye of the storm and he has received much criticism from fellow musicians and critics who accuse him of lacking in depth.

Born in 1969, Allevi is a composer and pianist who re-elaborates the European classical tradition, opening it to new pop and contemporary trends. He professes to be at ease both in theatres and in front of rock audiences. 

Since his first solo album in 1997, Allevi has released six other albums, the most recent, Sunrise, in 2012. He regularly performs live on stage, but is also committed to music education and holds seminars for students.

Auditorium Conciliazione, Via della Conciliazione 4, www.auditoriumconciliazione.

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