When in Rome look both ways. Recent figures show Lazio is the most dangerous region in Italy for pedestrians. On average 2,000 pedestrians are knocked down on Romes roads each year, with last year recording the highest figure yet of 2,432 injured, including 61 deaths.

The historic centre is the worst area, with 395 injured in Romes primo municipio last year, well over double the number in the second-worst area in Rome of Appio-Tuscolano (155 injured). Deputy traffic commandant, Giovanni Catanzaro, says the focus is now on prevention: We often give road-safety courses in schools, reminding children that simple violations of certain rules can lead to extremely serious injuries. We ask children to take extra care near roadworks and on crossings. Last year 2,335 Romans were fined for failing to give right of way to people at pedestrian crossings.