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Smiling H1 - 1920 x 116
Smiling H1 - 1920 x 116
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Must see exhibitions this summer in Italy

9 Must See museums exhibitions in Italy Summer 2021

A hunger to visit museums and see art in person will be satisfied this summer.  Here is our selection of exhibitions in museums, foundations and galleries, from Northern to Southern Italy, not to be missed.

MAUTO (Museo dell’ Automobile)



Date: June 17 - September 5 2021

Where: Turin

MAUTO celebrates the 50th birthday of one of the most successful and beloved Fiat cars: the small, modern 127.  The exhibition also pays special tribute to the car’s designer, Pio Manzù (1939-1969). His vision of mobility combined with industrial design is particularly topical.  The title is taken from the launch campaign of the first series of the Fiat model.  Accompanying the cars themselves is a rich selection of drawings, models and projects that Pio Manzù created during his short but prolific life. Explore his iconic work, from the famous Parentesi lamp (a collaboration with Achille Castiglioni in 1968), to the revolutionary Autonova FAM (the world’s first minivan), to the mechanics of the Fiat 850 City Taxi prototype.  Ph: Nyo09 /

Opening Hours: Monday: 10am - 2pm

Tuesday to Sunday: 10am - 7pm

(The ticket office closes 1 hour before)

Ticket Price: 

Full : €12

Children (6- 18): €5

Under 6:  Free

Museum Website

Fondazione Prada Venice

Fondazione Prada Venice


Date: May 22 - November 21 2021

Where: Venice

"Stop Painting," an exhibition conceived by artist Peter Fischli, is presented in the historic palazzo of Ca' Corner della Regina, the Venetian home of Fondazione Prada.  The project explores a series of moments of rupture in the history of painting over the past 150 years in relation to the emergence of new social factors and cultural values. The exhibition also seeks to understand whether the current digital revolution may be at the origin of a new crisis in painting or, on the contrary, may contribute to its renewal.  

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10am - 6pm.  Closed Tuesday.  

Ticket Price: 

Full: €10.

Under 18:  Free

Museum website

Museo Poldi Pezzoli

Museo Poldi Pezzoli


Date: May 13 - September 9 2021

Where: Milan

The Poldi Pezzoli Museum presents THE SHAPE OF TIME: an exhibition dedicated to man's relationship with time, from antiquity to the threshold of the modern age, through science, literature and art.  The exhibition presents about thirty works, including clocks, sculptures, codes and paintings (including Titian, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Andrea Previtali, Bernardino Mei and Baciccio).  Also on display is a series of precious Italian nocturnal clocks of the seventeenth century, invented by the Campani brothers for Pope Alexander VII Chigi, with dials painted with allegories of time by famous Baroque artists.  The museum itself is a  treasure chest in the heart of Milan, an art collection born from the passion of Gian Giacomo Poldi Pezzoli, one of the most refined collectors of the 19th century. Ph. Lestertair /

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10am – 1pm, 2pm – 6pm. Closed Tuesday.

Ticket Price: 

Full: €14

Students (11-18 years, up to 26 years): €6

Children (10 and under): Free

Museum Website


Maxxi aquila


Where: L'Aquila

The recently opened MAXXI Aquila was conceived inside Palazzo Ardinghelli as a hub of contemporary creativity in a baroque jewel, a laboratory entirely dedicated to artistic and cultural production in the Italian region. The project seeks to enliven, from an artistic and cultural point of view, the wonderful city wounded by an historical earthquake.  The first exhibition inaugurating MAXXI L'Aquila, titled POINT OF EQUILIBRIUM, is dedicated to Ettore Spalletti and one of the eight works commissioned to as many artists for the occasion.  In the small chapel on the second floor, the artist inserted a column of light that soars upwards and solidifies into a perfect cylinder: thought, space, light.  These are the premises on which the entire exhibition is based, placing the site-specific works in dialogue with works from MAXXI's collection of art, architecture and photography.

Opening Hours: Thursday 3pm – 7pm

Friday 12pm – 8pm

Saturday 12pm – 8pm

Sunday 12pm – 8pm

Ticket Price: 

Full: €7

Reduced (14 -24 years): €5

Under 14: Free

Museum Website

Museo Federico Fellini (Musei di Rimini)

Museo Fellini

Where: Rimini

A visit to the newly opened Fellini Museum in Rimini is a must for any cinephile. It was developed between the existing historical museums of  Castel Sismondo and Palazzo Valloni. The museum offers a complete itinerary that retraces the story of one of the most appreciated directors in the world.  Included in the ticket is admission to four museums in Rimini: Museo della Città, Museo degli Sguardi, Museo Fellini and PART (where 14th century master  Giovanni da Rimini’s Last Judgment is now on display thanks to an agreement with the Diocese, which owns the previously undervalued work).

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 7pm.  Closed Monday.

Ticket Price:

Full: €12

Under 18: Free

Museum Website

Strozzi Palace

Palazzo Strozzi

Exhibition: AMERICAN ART 1961- 2001

Date: May 28 - August 29 2021

Where: Florence

More than 80 works from the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the second largest museum of contemporary art in the United States, including paintings, photography, videos, sculptures and installations, trace 40 years of history of American society. AMERICAN ART 1961-2001 traverses the work of 50 artists, touching on hot spots, ideas and innovations that have had the greatest impact on the development of art around the world, but also themes such as the rise of the consumer society, the contamination between the arts, feminism and the struggles for civil rights, social issues, race and gender that are still of relevance today. Ph: John_Silver /

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 2pm - 9pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am - 9pm

Ticket Price:

Full: €15

Reduced (Under 30): €12

Children (6-18): €5

Under 6: Free

Museum Website

Museo di Capodimonte

Museo di Capodimonte


Date: June 10 - September 13 2021

Where: Naples

The exhibition RAPHAEL AT CAPODIMONTE: THE ARTIST'S WORKSHOP is part of the celebrations for the 500th anniversary of the artist's death and aims to enhance the Museum's Raphael heritage.  The museum offers an original approach both to the works of art and to the process of the artist's workshop and those of his followers, highlighting the complexities behind the creation of originals, multiples, and copies at the time of the artist’s life and beyond.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 8.30am- 7.30pm.  Closed Wednesday.  

Ticket Price: 

Full: €10

Reduced (18 -25 years): €2

Under 18 and Italian citizens: Free

Museum Website

Villa Farnesina

Villa Farnesina


Date: 16 June 2021 – 13 January 2022

Where: Rome

Leonardo in 1919, Raffaello in 1920, and Dante in 1921.  The Centennial Triptych is an exploration of the taste and aesthetics that, in the early post-war period, guided the celebrations of the centenaries of these Italian masters.   The exhibition aims to celebrates the roots that have characterized Italian culture in the world.  The juxtaposition in the setting of Villa Farnesina enhances the retro flavor and coincides with an original, extensive exhibition that enlightens us on how the three masters were celebrated one hundred years ago, through art and not only. Ph: Anna Pakutina /

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 9am - 2pm (last admission 1.15pm) Closed on Sunday.  Every second Sunday of the month from 9am - 5pm.

Ticket Price: 

Full price ticket : €10 

Reduced price ticket : €9 

Guided tour: €2 

Museum Website

Chiostro Del Bramante

Chiostro Del Bramante


Date: May 5 2021 - January 9 2022

Where: Rome

Thanks to about two hundred and fifty works from private collections, Chiostro del Bramante presents ALL ABOUT BANKSY, a unique exhibition that uncovers everything you can know about the unknown artist best known to the world. Works made with different techniques and media, along with a contextualization of public interventions and exhibitions, including photographs, covers, posters, books, and records.  Three never before exhibited videos allow us to relive the most significant moments of Banksy's career, including an exclusive and unpublished documentary that recounts twenty years of the artist's career.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10am - 9pm. 

Ticket Price: 

Full: Monday - Friday: €15.  Saturday and Sunday: €18 

Children (5 - 10 years): €10. 

Under 5: Free

Museum Website

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Marymount - International School Rome
Marymount - International School Rome
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