Italy Green Pass protests flop at train stations

More journalists than protesters at train stations.

Italy's interior ministry stepped up police security at key train stations across the country on Wednesday, ahead of expected Green Pass demonstrations, but in the end only a handful of protesters showed up.

Organisers of the planned mass protests against the requirement of the Green Pass certificate to board long-distance rail travel had threatened to 'block' trains and cause "biblical delays" around Italy.

The action against the Green Pass - which shows that people have been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from covid-19 - had been planned in 54 stations on 1 September, the day new rules came into effect for the transport and education sectors.

However, when the time came, there were more police and reporters than protesters, even in the main cities such as Rome, Milan and Turin.

One protester at Roma Tiburtina asked reporters where everyone was and questioned whether she had the right day, while at the central train station in Naples, only two protesters showed up.

It is not known yet whether organisers of the protests will plan to regroup and try again on another day.

Photo Huffington Post