Rome will celebrate the Giornata Nazionale del Giardino on Saturday 8 April by opening the nursery of the citys Servizio Giardini to the public. The greenhouses of S. Sisto will be open from 11.00 to18.00. People will be able to see where the plants for the citys parks and gardens are cultivated and to admire the collections of azaleas, orchids and fleshy-leaved plants.

In the week running up to the event, a new garden was inaugurated in Piazza Galgano, Cinecitt, on 5 April. The garden costs city authorities 75 thousand and includes childrens playgrounds, benches, fountains and a new irrigation system. A second green space is set to be inaugurated on 7 April in Via del Pigneto on the corner of Via Attilio Zuccagni Orlandini.

Servizio Giardini at Serre di S. Sisto, Piazzale di Porta Metronia 2.