Romes answer to the Hollywood Oscars, the prizes to be awarded for best film, best actor and best actress at Romes film festival, which will run from 13 21 October 2006, have been designed by Bulgari, the prestigious Via Condotti jewellers. Inspiration for the design is a mixture of architectural features from the Capitoline Hill and film technology. On a drum-like base, shaped like an old-fashioned film reel and on whose upper surface there will be the pattern in bas-relief of the paving of Michelangelos Piazza del Campidoglio, designed in 1567, stands a crystal screen on which is attached as though projected an incised silver image of Marcus Aurelius on horseback.

The name of each winner will be engraved on a silver plaque in the form of a length of film which will be attached to the side of the base.