Hitting the Road on Mars

The Rome Planetarium in collaboration with the US embassy to Italy presents "Hitting the Road on Mars: From the 2004 Mars Exploration Rovers to MSL: Curiosity" by Z. Nagin Cox, an engineer behind one of NASA’s most successful interplanetary efforts: the Mars Curiosity Rover.

In her presentation she will describe operating the Curiosity Rover on Mars and working at the limits of space exploration. The talk will be held in English and at the end Nagin Cox will take questions from the audience.

The event takes place at 21.00 on Thursday 2 May at the Planetarium in Piazza Giovanni Agnelli 10. Admission is free but reservation is required, tel. 060608.

For more details about the talk see the Planetarium website while for a biography of Nagin Cox visit the NASA website.

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Address Planetarium, Piazza Giovanni Agnelli 10.

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Hitting the Road on Mars

Planetarium, Piazza Giovanni Agnelli 10.