Taxis go on strike in Rome on 7 June starting at 08.00. Taxis taking part in the protest will congregate at Circo Massimo and then drive to the Campidoglio.

The strike has been called by trade unions Ugl, Federtaxi, Ati, Cgil, Cisl, and Mit in protest against the most recent guidelines for regulations and price increases agreed by the city government after negotiations and talks which have dragged on for at least two years.

A number of other issues are also at stake. These include opposition to motorbikes using lanes reserved for buses and taxis, compulsory receipts for all passengers and the use of credit cards. Other subjects include setting up a centralised telephone number for taxis under the auspices of the city and also a code of conduct to ensure the safety of lone women passengers.

The planned strike has caused divisions among taxi drivers, with some claiming that there will be an almost total shut down of the service, while others have said that they will abstain from the protest action.

The city authorities are trying to protect both the right to strike and the right to work. Describing the right to strike as "sacrosanct", the city councillor for mobility Antonello Aurigemma added that those who do not wish to strike must also be respected.