ATAC has introduced a new service that allows cyclists to take their bike on the 791 bus every Sunday and on public holidays. The bus line runs along the Dorsale-Tevere route, which offers 35 km of green, cyclable paths from Tor di Valle to Castel Giubileo and Villa Pamphili. ATAC has removed ten passenger seats from 11 of the jumbo buses that serve the line, making room for five bicycles on each. The service is free for cyclists with a monthly or annual Metrebus pass, but others must buy two tickets: one for themselves and one for their bike.

It is also possible to take bikes onto the Metro B and on the Roma-Lido line on Sundays and public holidays under the same conditions. In a trial run until 30 April, the service is also available on weekdays after 21.00. All bikes must be carried on to the first carriage only. Cyclists are not allowed to carry bikes on escalators so it is necessary to use lifts at stations where available. For more information see and

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