The new constitution of the European Union will be signed in Rome on 29 October at 09.00 at the Campidoglio, in the Palazzo Senatorio, home to the Rome city council.

The prime ministers of all 25 member-countries are expected to attend the signing with the new Portuguese president of the European Union, Jos Manuel Barroso, and the leaders of Turkey, Rumania and Bulgaria, the three countries next in line to join the Union.

Security services in the city will be on high alert although Rome's prefect, Achille Serra, is not intending to close the city centre to traffic. The only protest is expected to come from a Catholic action group, Azione Giovani, and from the political right wing, National Alliance, both of whom will be objecting because Christianity, and its importance within Europe has not been mentioned in the new constitution.

City council offices in the area will be closed for security reasons on 28 and 29 October. People working in these offices, up to 1000 people, will be getting a very long weekend, 1 November is the feast of All Saints', a public holiday.