Rome's Teatro Arciliuto celebrates 45 years on 18 November with an evening of theatre, music and poetry. Situated close to Piazza Navona, in the 16-century Palazzo Chiovenda in Piazza di Montevecchio, the theatre was founded in 1967 by Neapolitan poet and musician Enzo Samaritani who performs there regularly with his musician son Giovanni.

The theatre is well-known to the capital's English-speaking community as it has long been the principal venue for productions of The English Theatre of Rome. Its regulars include familar faces from the world of culture and entertainment, and in the past it has welcomed the likes of director Federico Fellini, writer Italo Calvino and actors Vittorio Gassman and Burt Lancaster.

The intimate venue is noted for its ancient architectural features, its lively art collection and the underground remains of a second-century BC villa, now an amphitheatre which hosts poetry readings, plays and dinner concerts.

The celebrations on 18 November will feature a variety of artists associated with the theatre, as well as new acts such as Lady Burlesque Cabaret. The event takes place at 20.00 and is open to the public.

Piazza Montevecchio 5, (Piazza Navona), tel. 066879419.