Rome's Aurelian Walls defaced during lockdown

Retake Roma highlight vandalism on ancient Roman walls.

Retake Roma, the voluntary movement which tackles Rome's urban decay, has published a photo on social media showing a large section of the city's ancient Aurelian walls defaced by recent graffiti.

The message in enormous white letters reads: "Ciao Salvo! Io odio il carcere" (Hi Salvo! I hate prison) was sprayed on the Roman walls in recent days, during the nationwide lockdown due to Italy's Coronavirus emergency.

Retake Roma posted the photo on its Facebook page alongside a message in Italian:

"Thousands are dying, alone, without family members or friends, with only the comfort of the medical worker or with the blessing of the priest, without mourning, without funerals.

Yet, while many of us remain closed at home to limit the spread of the infection and avoid further deaths, there are some people who go out and meet up to deface the Aurelian Walls, disrespecting our millennial city but above all the countless broken lives and so many of us who are making sacrifices to try to bring an end to this emergency."

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