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How to find an Apartment in Rome

When studying abroad, or simply traveling for an extended amount of time, finding an apartment to rent may offer a cheaper means of living, compared to staying in an expensive dorm or hotel room.

However, searching for the perfect apartment to rent can be an arduous and, often, confusing process, especially when searching so far from Rome. Here are some points to guide the search:

Free online services


Portaportese is one of the best places to find a lead on an apartment. Here, all searches are Rome specific and can be customized by a variety of personal requirements. Specify the search by picking price ranges, locations and the number of needed rooms. When using this online service, some translating will be involved. The site is low-tech and is strictly available in Italian.


In an effort to conserve time and energy, Nestpick is a suburb option, when needing to compare apartment prices across a variety of free websites. On this website, potential tenants can find individual rooms within an apartment or find entire flats available for rent, wholly in English. Searches can be filtered by the desired arrival dates. Also, the majority of pictures founded on the site were taken by real persons working with partnering firms. This is a great resource that assists in the avoidance of scams and ensures that a picture of the apartment matches its written description.


Popular for students is the worldwide site Airbnb. On this website, leases are offered for long-term stays. However, these leases do not entail meeting typical Italian lease requirements, which are 18 month leases; three-year leases with two-year extensions; or four-year leases with a four-year extension. This option avoids breaking a lease with the landlord. However, if the lease needs to be broken, it’s recommended to notify the landlord three months in advance of the departure date. 


Immobiliare is a free online service that connects tenants with paid real estate agencies. These agencies will travel with clients, in their search for the perfect home in a desirable area at the perfect prices. Private real estate firms provide a truly personal experience, while taking every step with intending renters.


Paid services 

Wanted in Rome 


Since 1985, Wanted in Rome has offered an apartment and property search, in their “Housing” section. Listed properties can range from vacant rental accommodations inside of the city to properties available on the outskirts of town. Hunting renters can view advertisements for landlords searching for new tenants. These posted ads usually entail that an individual room is available in a shared apartment space. Properties that are available to buy are also listed under the housing tab. Again, these listed properties can be found in or out of town. For those visiting Rome on extended holidays, Wanted in Rome offers a register of holiday accommodations.

 Immobilizare Zanni

One agency that can be found on immobiliare.it is Immobiliare Zanni Real Estate. Ran by an Italian-American couple, Marco Zanni and Bonnie Rose-Zanni, Zanni Real Estate is a great option for hopeful expatriates looking to leave their native country, in search for a new life. This firm is especially helpful for Americans looking to move to Rome. Originating from Alexandria, Virginia, the couple have been living abroad for more than 25 years. They pride themselves in being experts in relocation and the challenges involved. Immobiliare Zanni Real Estate can be contacted on WhatsApp and WeChat at +39.347.400.9753, as well as through e-mail at info@immobiliarezanni.com.

Property International

Not in association with Immobiliare, Property International is another great resource that connects clients with a variety of properties in different neighborhoods, at varying prices and with the desired space. Property international offers their services in several places. However, they offer services specific to living in Rome. Searches can be filtered by city, use (i.e. residential), rent or buy options, rooms, furniture and are of the city, as well as the maximum price the renter is willing to pay. Property International Rome supports clients in a variety of ways, from showing them the best international schools to assisting with taxes to translating. This agency sticks with their clients from day one to departure day by supporting new tenants, during the move in and move out processes and inventory checks. They can be reached at +39.06.5743170 or via email: info@propertyrome.net 

 Photo: Courtesy of the Grand House

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Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia
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