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Florence new Airport set to have a vineyard on its roof

In a move that blends the rich viticultural heritage of Tuscany with cutting-edge sustainable architecture, Florence's Amerigo Vespucci Airport is set to unveil a groundbreaking feature that is as innovative as it is unexpected: a 19-acre rooftop vineyard.

This ambitious project, spearheaded by the renowned Rafael Viñoly Architects, promises to transform the airport into a landmark that celebrates the region's storied wine-making tradition while pushing the boundaries of green design.

Embracing Sustainability with a Twist

The rooftop vineyard is more than just a nod to the surrounding landscape; it's a fully integrated aspect of the airport's sustainability strategy. The vine-covered roof is designed to provide natural thermal insulation, reducing the building's energy consumption and aiding in the pursuit of a LEED Platinum sustainability rating.

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This initiative aligns with a growing trend in airport design that sees these spaces not just as transit hubs but as part of the travel experience itself, offering unique attractions and amenities that reflect local culture and commitment to the environment​​​​.

A Green Gateway to Tuscany

Scheduled to begin construction this year, with the first phase expected to complete by 2026, the new terminal will serve as a modern gateway to Tuscany, welcoming nearly 6 million passengers annually. Beneath its sloping green expanse, the terminal will feature a central piazza, embodying the Italian tradition of gathering spaces, and will be illuminated by natural light streaming through strategically placed skylights​​​​.

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Local Vintners at the Helm

To ensure the vineyard remains true to Tuscany's enological excellence, a leading local vintner will oversee the cultivation of grapes and the production of wine, which will be aged in specialized cellars beneath the terminal. While the specific grape varieties and winemaking techniques remain under wraps, the involvement of regionally renowned experts promises wines that embody the terroir of this unique location​​​​.

A New Vision for Airports

The project reflects a broader vision of airports as destinations in their own right, incorporating elements that enhance the traveler's experience while promoting sustainability. The Florence airport vineyard is poised to become a model for future developments worldwide, showcasing how functional infrastructure can harmoniously coexist with nature and cultural heritage.

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This initiative not only highlights Florence's status as a hub of innovation and artistry but also offers passengers a unique welcome to the heart of Tuscany, where the spirit of the region is celebrated even before they step outside​​​​.

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In sum, Florence's new terminal, with its pioneering rooftop vineyard, represents a bold reimagining of what airports can be. It is a testament to the possibilities that emerge when traditional values meet modern sustainability practices, creating spaces that are both functional and reflective of their environment. As the world watches, Florence's Amerigo Vespucci Airport is set to redefine the intersection of travel, architecture, and viticulture, offering a taste of Tuscany to travelers from around the globe.

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Address Via del Termine, 11, 50127 Firenze FI, Italia

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Florence new Airport set to have a vineyard on its roof

Via del Termine, 11, 50127 Firenze FI, Italia

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