Paragliding and turtle-walking: breaking Rome's lockdown in style

Rome police catch people violating Coronavirus quarantine.

Police in Rome were busy stopping residents of the capital during the Easter weekend to see if they had sufficient reason to be out on the streets during the nationwide quarantine due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

One Roman man broke the lockdown in a spectacular fashion, by paragliding into a green area in the Colle Prenestino suburbs, according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

The individual, aged 47, informed police that he needed to keep up his paragliding training, even during the quarantine.

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Another peculiar case involved a lady stopped by police in Rome's Centocelle suburb, reports Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

The lady, aged 60, told officers in Piazza dei Gerani: "I popped out to take my turtle for a walk."

Both the paragliding enthusiast and turtle-walker were fined by police, according to local media.