Rome is preparing for 24 hours of high security, mostly in the centre and to the west of the city for the international peace summit on the Middle East, due to be held at the Italian ministry for foreign affairs on 26 July. Helicopters will overfly the city and F16 military jets will be ready for take off in any emergency. There will be 3,500 members of the forces of order on duty, carabiniere and police who will assist the special services responsible for the personal safety of the delegates. The special security will be from 18.30 on 25 July until 18.30 on the 26 July. From dawn on the 26 July the Lungotevere Maresciallo Diaz from the Ponte Milvio to the Ponte Duca dAosta will be closed to traffic, and the Olimpica around the stadium will to closed until 16.00.

The road to the military airport at Ciampino will be under special surveillance.