After many years the public can once again enjoy theatre productions at the historic Teatro dellAngelo. Situated in Via Simone de Saint Bon 17 (close to Viale delle Milizie, Ottaviano area in Prati), Teatro dellAngelo is a spacious theatre which seats up to 300 people, built last century.

The structure has a chequered history, having served as a dance hall, then as an archive and successively as a warehouse before being abandoned. Teatro dellAngelo has recently been saved by actor/director Antonello Avallone. His aim is to breathe a decidedly Neapolitan air into this Roman theatre, with a series of traditional and well-loved productions such as Miseria e Nobilt (written by Scarpetta and immortalised in the film version by Tot and Sofia Loren) and Eduardo De Filippos Il Berretto a Sonagli as well as two popular comedies Morte di Carnevale (Viviani) and Tot, Peppino e la Malafemmena.

Special events are also planned, commencing with an evening dedicated to Spanish poet Federico Garca Lorca. Individual ticket prices will range from 16-22. For more information, telephone 063720958.