Most house owners will by now have received the bills for payment of ICI (imposta comunale sugli immobili), or annual property taxes, together with an explanatory booklet.

Payment may be made in two instalments, the first by 18 June, the second by 17 December. (16 June and 16 December were the pay-by dates originally established by law, but as they fall on holidays, payment is deferred to the dates of the next working day.)Payment may also be made in one single instalment, but in this case it must be paid by 18 June.

Some categories of low-income families are eligible for reductions, but for most the problem will be calculating the right amount following variations applied this year. Help in establishing annual income and therefore the correct ICI may be obtained free of charge from CAAF offices, a list of which may be found on the Comune di Roma website or at page 623 Televideo Rai3.

ICI may be paid through post offices and banks. Payment may also be made online, and by 24 hour telephone (website and telephone number specified below) but in these cases, commissions are higher.

During his election campaign, the prime inister Romano Prodi promised the abolition of ICI on principal homes. Rome

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