A total 78 per cent of Italians have a positive opinion of Joseph Ratzinger, according to a survey from independent Italian research institute Eurisko. Thirty four per cent say he is doing an excellent job, while just 12 per cent think he is doing badly. However, of the 1,000 people interviewed, just eight per cent were non-Catholics (members of other religions, agnostics, or atheists). Another question asked if the Catholic Church should be more open to change on moral questions (e.g. contraception, abortion, common law marriages and assisted procreation). On these fronts, 60 per cent of respondents say it should be more open, while 28 per cent think it should not. Under the new popes leadership, just 26 per cent believe the Catholic Church will be more tolerant on the issues above, compared to 35 per cent who say it will be more severe. And asked if the Church should pursue internal reforms (including womens ordination and allowing priests to marry) responses were equally weighted with 43 per cent on either side, and 14 per cent undecided.