Housewives and house-husbands all over Italy have until 31 January to pay a state accident insurance policy, which has been made obligatory this year for the first time. The annual payment of 12.91 must be made by an estimated eight million people who will then be able to claim an invalidity pension in case of a serious accident that leaves a permanent disability.

The insurance will not cover claims for illness or for minor injuries. The policy is payable by everyone between 18 and 65 years of age who does not have a work contract and includes students, those who are temporarily laid off and are receiving benefit, unemployed immigrants and women who are over 60 and are already receiving a pension. Anyone who does not pay is liable to be fined 25.82. Last year two million people paid voluntarily for this accident insurance policy and the state insurance authority, INAIL, agreed to pay out invalidity pensions to only 70 claimants.

Those who have paid this insurance in the past will have received a payment form at home, those who are paying for the first time should use a prepared form, available at the post office, where they will be asked to give details of fiscal code and address.

For further information tel. INAIL 803888 or contact the Federcasalinghe tel. 0685353669.