Angelo Bernardini, headmaster of one of the largest secondary schools in central Italy, at Avezzano in the mountainous Abruzzi region, has upset his students because he has asked them to cover up their navels. In a circular to his students he pointed that just as veiling their faces with burkas is not appropriate in school it is also incorrect to reveal too much of the body, especially the navel. Clothing, he said, should be chosen to suit the circumstances and the activity to be undertaken. Prof Bernardini invited his pupils to take this into account when dressing for school.

On the day following the publication of the circular seven students went to school veiled, 200 students, belonging to a left wing group called "Utopia", did not go to school, in protest at "the headmasters attempt to crush their individuality", and the remaining 1,400 pupils carried on, dressed as usual.