Sandwiched between Piazza Vittorio and S. Maria Maggiore, residents of a small Roman palazzo have been opposing a mobile phone mast since July 2004.

The furtive night-time installation was only prevented when local police found irregularities in the paperwork. But not wishing to rest on their laurels, local residents have formed an elettrosmog committee and are keeping a day and night vigil against the 15-metre radio antenna including camping on the roof. The committees concerns are twofold. First of all, members say the mast will ruin the historic view over S. Maria Maggiore. Second, they want to know who will guarantee our children will not be exposed to dangerous radiation? In response the company is now proposing a smaller antenna and any new decision will be taken on a consensual basis. There are now more than 160 mobile phone masts across the historic centre of Rome.