Eurochocolate, a week dedicated to chocolate, takes place in Perugia 16-24 October. The city is host to chocolate in all its forms, classes for children, psychological debate, sculpture, theatrical performances based on essays written by primary school children in a competition organised in the Umbria region. The winner will take back to school the weight of his or her classmates in chocolate. This year the organisers have invited small chocolate producers from some of the poorest countries to be present, producers who struggle to survive in the face of multinational competitors. Last year 900,000 people visited Perugia during Eurochocolate week. Tel. 075 5025880,

In nearby Gubbio, Altrocioccolato will take place from 2124 October, a gastronomic fair for those interested in ethnic food, particularly from the tropical countries that produce and export 85 per cent of the cacao consumed in the world and receive only 5 per cent of the final price. The high point of the weekend will be a meal completely based on chocolate. Tel. 075 / 9275884, www

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