St Gerorge Int Schools is seeking Clerk to the Boards of the Association


Provide for and contribute towards an efficient functioning of:

  • The Association
  • The Board of Trustees
  • The Board of Governors and its respective committees

By offering:

  • Administrative and organisational support for meetings and in general matters
  • Advice on procedural and operational matters
  • Guidance to ensure compliance with the appropriate legal, regulatory frameworks and best practice.

Role and Responsibilities


  • Communication:

Ensure continuously available and updated communication to parents/guardians regarding the Association role, membership, governance, relevant meetings and Board vacancies.

  • Membership:

Organise on an annual basis the opportunity for parents/guardians to become Association members. Maintain a current record of Association members. Maintain an archive of historical Association membership records.

  • Meetings:

Plan, organise, communicate and run the logistics for any AGM/EGM working closely with the Chair, Principal, Governors and Chair of Trustees in accordance with the statutes. Organise any statutory officer elections, Association accounts approval and (if necessary) statute changes.

  • Compliance:

Ensure all Association administration is conducted, accounts reviewed and audited by an outside auditor and appropriate documentation is submitted in compliance with Italian law. Maintain minutes, company accounts and historical records of all Association meetings and filings with the relevant authorities.

Governors / Trustees:

  • Membership:

Provide succession planning advice to the Chairs of the Board and Trustees of the Association. Initiate and run the election process for new Governors ensuring adequate adherence to the code of conduct. Organise together with the school a welcome pack and induction programme for new members.

  • Meetings:
  • Set out, communicate and maintain an annual calendar of Association governing boards and committee meetings
  • Prepare and communicate together with each Chair and the Principal, well in advance, focused agendas for meetings
  • Liaise with those preparing papers and disseminate any such material well in advance of meetings. Invite relevant committee members to ask questions or make comments relating to papers circulated in order for actual meetings to be more productive.
  • Organise technology logistics for meetings
  • Ensure meetings are quorate and record the attendance of Governors/Trustees at meetings
  • Draft and circulate within a week concise minutes of all governance meetings, indicating clearly decisions made, agreed action points, accountability and delivery timescale. Invite and collate any comments at such time in order for the approval of minutes at the following meeting to be a quick agenda item.
  • Maintain current, regularly publish and follow-up on any agreed action points.
  • Compliance and managing information:
    • Advise and make aware to the relevant Chair any breach of the code of conduct, of statutory rules or attendance rules. Maintain a record of any declared conflict of interest by a member of Association governance.
    • Maintain a record of training undertaken by members of the governing Board
    • Organise any necessary undertakings with respect to the Association’s relationship with the Srl’s in coordination with the Director of Finance and Operations ensuring that any reporting to the relevant authorities is current
    • Ensure and maintain current the terms of reference and membership of any committee or working party
    • Ensure and maintain Governor and Trustee documents and correspondence are well organised, complete, current and readily accessible whilst respecting necessary security and access protocols
    • Maintain at the school in a secure location a well organised and accessible record of signed minutes of meetings, copies of statutory policies, statutes and other necessary documents and ensure that where necessary copies are sent to the relevant bodies
    • Maintain a record of formal complaints received by the Chair pursuant to the school complaints policy.


    • Provide guidance and advice on legal, regulatory and best practices:
    • Advise the Association Boards on its core functions, governance and compliance with statutes or legislation
    • Know where to access appropriate legal advice, support and guidance, and where necessary seek advice and guidance from third parties on behalf of the governing Boards
    • Inform the governing Boards of any changes to their responsibilities as a result of a change in the Association status or changes in the relevant legislation
    • Offer advice on best practice in governance, including on committee structures. Coordinate the membership of and possibilities for reach out with AGBIS.
    • People and relationships:
    • Develop and maintain effective professional working relationships with the Chairs, the Boards and school executive leaders
    • Contribute to the coordination of effective learning and development opportunities for those involved in governance, including induction and continuing professional development.
    • Self Personal Development / other:
    • Undertake appropriate and regular training and development to maintain knowledge and improve practice
    • Keep up-to-date with current Association developments and legislation affecting school governance
    • Participate in regular performance management with the Chair
    • Be very familiar with and keep up to date with the Google suite of tools, online meeting tools etc in order to provide a secure environment for Governors and Trustees to be able to operate, communicate and make decisions.

The successful candidate will report to the Chair of the Board of the Association.

Application Deadline: 8 February 2021

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. We reserve the right to appoint prior to the deadline. Early application is encouraged.

How to Apply: Please send a CV and covering letter to  with the subject heading Clerk to the Boards of the Association.

For further information about the role, please contact

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Address St George's British International School, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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St Gerorge Int Schools is seeking Clerk to the Boards of the Association

St George's British International School, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy