English Primary School Teacher / Nanny

WORK WANTED - In a school or with a family in Rome ASAP. I am an English lady now living in Scotland. I have worked with children in many and varied roles for nearly 30 years. I am qualified in Childcare, Early and Primary Education. I am young at heart, fit and energetic, I have the life experience and knowledge that comes with my age (I am in my 50’s) and a great deal of common sense. My passion is for Italy and all things Italian and I worked in Rome for many years. I am confident and conscientious in all that I do, am enthusiastic, kind, patient and I always have a great rapport with children. As a Teacher I believe that children learn when they are happy and having fun and I tailor everything we do to meet their interests, ability and talents and as a Nanny I like to stick to a routine for the children (but I am very calm, patient, easy going and flexible) and spend our time creatively indoors and outdoors. I love Rome’s parks.

1st of August 2020.

To whom it may concern,

Hana has been a blessing to our family and it is a joy to write this letter.

What I want to share with you, might sound like an exaggeration, but I promise you it isn't.

Hana has an extraordinary gift with children. I have met people that are great with children, but Hana has a very speciaI way of connecting with children that I had not seen before. She loves them, delights in them, understands them and brings out the best in them.

In the five months while we were Hana’s neighbour all our children asked many times a day if they could go to Hana. She knew how to teach them new things in a fun and creative way. Often she would take them outside and they would enjoy nature together.

Hana spent many hours with our children, not because she was paid (because she wasn't), but because she really wanted to and because it brought her much joy.

We home school our children and life gets busy. Since we moved away, we have often said: "If only Hana still lived next door!"

I really mean this when I say: "Every child should have a Hana in their life!"

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