An exhibition of stolen works of art recovered by the nucleo patrimonio artistico of the Carabinieri, entitled LArte rubata: il ritorno, has opened in the newly restored Palazzo Incontro in Via dei Prefetti, Rome. This 18th-century building has been completely refurbished at a cost of 6 million and was officially inaugurated on 27 October.

Amongst the works of art in the exhibition are two canvases by Guercino, including S. Margherita di Antioca, stolen from S. Pietro in Vincoli in 1976 and recovered in 1989, Tiepolos La Beata Trafugata, stolen from the Thierry Veron chapel in Venice in 1982 and found in Taranto in 2004, and the stupendous statue of Artemis Amazzanonica, illegally dug up in Cerveteri. There are also works by Modigliani, Luca Giordano and many others, for a total of some 100 exhibits.

The exhibition is free and open until 10 December every day except Monday from 10.00-19.00.

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Address Palazzo Incontro, Via dei Prefetti 22, Rome.

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Recovered art treasures.

Palazzo Incontro, Via dei Prefetti 22, Rome.