4 June-31 Oct 2004. Robert Wilson, American scene designer, theatre director and artist, has been commissioned to shake up the Barbier-Mueller's presentation of pre-Columbian art, and specifically representations of the human body.

The diversity of plastic, volumetric or flat solutions, of the human representations in pre-Columbian art is extremely varied, with forms and materials, with greater or lesser quest for stylisation, outlining and reality. Robert Wilson exhibits these representations within scenarios created specially for the occasion, within which the object is immersed in a world of universal ideas, a far cry from its usual context.

The exhibition is broadly divided into three areas; the feet, torso and head. The idea is that the pieces are not to be viewed individually, but that the exhibition as a whole, with the imaginative use of lights and music, should be an artistic experience.

The visitor can draw their own conclusions about this dialogue between the primitive object and the contemporary space that Wilson offers us and can reflect upon the different representations as well as the physical and conceptual scale of the shaping of the body in art.

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Images of the Body: The Museum Interpreted by Robert Wilson

Barbier-Mueller. Tel. +34 933104516, museubarbier@mail.bcn.es