In The Talent 2013, new creations for 10 dancers with choreographies by Russel Maliphant and Liam Scarlett. This latest double bill by William Trevitt and Michael Nunn’s BalletBoyz shows off ten strong and charismatic male dancers in new works by big name choreographers Scarlett and Maliphant.

Trevitt and Nunn built BalletBoyz on their own dance talents. They’ve now moved the company on to a new generation, relaunching it as a larger, all-male troupe. Their training is varied, from gymnastics and ballet to no formal training at all. Together, they make up a crowd pleasing team with fluid movement and lots of swagger. Liam Scarlett’s Serpent features sinuous moves, but makes use of weight and strength in partnering, including overhead lifts. From the beginning, Russell Maliphant has been at the heart of the BalletBoyz repertory. His new work Fallen responds to the scale of the new company. It switches between solos, duets and group dances. As the men face each other, ducking and diving, recalling the Brazilian martial art capoeira, it brings a powerful end to the programme. Teatro Comunale Pavarotti, tel. 0592033010, Also in Bolzano on 16 April at Teatro Comunale, tel. 0471053800,

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