Ballet Preljocaj

In Mille et une nuits, choreography by Angelin Preljocaj. The provocative choreographer’s brand new creation draws inspiration from the inexhaustible imagery of the popular Arabic tales of Persian and Indian origin, with new perspectives and unexpected turns. Preljocaj’s repertory includes many original reworkings of the classics such as his Romeo and Juliet set in a totalitarian state, his nightmarish Casanova and his recent sadomasochistic Snow White. If Preljocaj comes to his works from unfamiliar angles, it may be because he grew up seeing the world from two very different perspectives. Born in Paris just after his parents escaped from communist Albania, he felt French while at school and Albanian when at home. Today, he is grateful to have had this dual identity. "All my life, I have this French culture, very Cartesian, very rational; and the Albanian, which is more mysterious, more instinctive.” There is certainly a divide between the work he makes for such classical companies as Paris Opera Ballet and the pieces he creates for Ballet Preljocaj, his own contemporary troupe. Teatro Regio, tel. 0521039399,

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