Wanted in Rome's partnership with Paideia-Mater Dei.

Presenting Wanted in Rome's partnership with Paideia-Mater Dei.

Private healthcare providers Paideia and Mater Dei offer extremely innovative medical services at their facilities in the heart of Rome. Special reductions will be applied to all Wanted in Rome card holders, from 1st January.

Paideia and Mater Dei offer a wide range of services, operative h24 including :

  • Cardiology
  • Gynaecology
  • Surgery
  • Instrumental and diagnostic examination
  • Trauma e Sports medicine
  • Intensive Care Unit

The reductions apply to:

  • 25 % Outpatient surgery
  • 20 % Instrumental and diagnostic examinations including ultrasound, bone density scanning, radiology, CT and MRI
  • 25 % Physiotherapy
  • 25 % The main laboratory tests

Exclusive fees for medical consultations.

For more information visit our web sites www.clinicapaideia.eu and www.clinicamaterdei.eu

Paideia, Via Vincenzo Tiberio 46 (Fleming) Rome

For reservations 06.83600600

For emergencies 06.330941

Mater Dei, Via A. Bertoloni 34 (Parioli), Rome

For reservations 06.83803

For emergencies 06.802201

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